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3 Reasons Why Your Charity Should Use Promotional Plush Toys

If you're trying to increase your charity's donations, there are few promotional options better than the plush toy. Soft toys are a delight for all ages and genders, and even the toughest of people find it hard to resist their cute, cuddly look. A plush toy wholesaler will be able to find the right teddy for your institution, whether that's a dolphin plush for a marine foundation or a soft doll for a children's charity.  

As well as being fun and adorable, plush toys can also encourage more donations. Here are 3 reasons why your charity should use them for promotion:

They Create Value

While the value of a charity donation is supposed to be the help it provides to those in need, many people find it hard to part with their money when there's no tangible offering attached to it. Offering plush toys as part of a donation package can help create a tangible value beyond the philanthropic aspect of donating to charity, encouraging potential donors to contribute. They can also help garner larger donations from people who already want to donate. For example, donors who were considering pledging $5 a month may be willing to contribute $10 a month if they'll receive a 'free' soft toy with their package, despite the low actual value of the plush.

They Spread the Message

Word of mouth marketing can be incredibly valuable to charities. As well as getting the word to more people without spending money, word of mouth marketing can encourage a feeling of social obligation that pushes friends of existing donors to contribute to your cause. Plush toys are one of the best forms of word of mouth marketing because they start a conversation. All it takes is for a donor's friend to ask where they got that cute plush toy from, or for someone to spot it on a family member's shelf.

They Encourage Repeat Donations

As well as encouraging other people to donate to your charity, soft toys can remind past donors to contribute again. This is because, unlike leaflets and business cards, most contributors will keep their plush toy around for years to come, whether it's in their bed or on display. Every time they look at your plush, it will serve as a reminder that your charity always needs support. If your donations tend to slump at a certain time of year, you can use this to your advantage by choosing plush toys that represent this. A dog teddy in a scarf, for example, can remind donors to pledge funds to a dog shelter charity during winter.

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