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Two Tips for Those Who Want to Give Their Illustrations as Gifts to Loved Ones

If you like to make illustrations in your spare time as a hobby and you're going to give some of them as gifts to your loved ones, you might be interested in the following suggestions.

Use a custom picture framing service

It's best to have the illustrations that you'll be giving as gifts framed by a custom picture framing specialist. There are several reasons for this. Firstly, whilst your friends or relatives might be delighted when they receive some of your illustrations, they may not end up hanging them up in their homes for many months (or ever) if these pictures are not in frames when they receive them. This is because they may not have the time or spare money to get their illustrations framed. Having each item put into a custom frame before you give them to these people will make these gifts 'complete' and ensure that your loved ones can hang them up as soon as they've opened them.

Secondly, it is best to use a custom picture framing service, rather than trying to mount and frame your illustrations yourself, as it can be exceedingly difficult to do this well ,and there is a chance that you could damage your illustrations during the process. Whilst damaging something like an inexpensive print might not be too bad, ruining the illustrations that you've spent many hours creating could be upsetting. Using a picture-framing service is the best way to ensure that this won't happen, as the framing specialist will handle your illustrations with the greatest of care and skill.

Consider each recipient's aesthetic preferences when having the illustrations framed

The frames you pick out at the custom framing shop should not only suit the illustrations but should also suit the recipient's aesthetic preferences. For example, if they like farmhouse decor and you're giving them an illustration of a cow, you might want to have it placed inside a chunky, distressed frame made of wood. Conversely, if the recipient likes glam, modern decor and you're giving them an illustration of a fashion model, you might want to have it placed inside a thin, polished chrome or silver frame.

Making sure that you choose the right frame will mean that the recipient won't have to either put up with displaying an illustration of yours that they love in a frame that they dislike or need to have it reframed at their own expense.