Picture Perfect: Three Steps To Preparing Your Cross-Stitch For Framing

Cross-stitch is a beloved craft which many enjoy doing while relaxing in front of the television each night. Once the picture is complete, it is time to ready it for delivery to a picture framer. As someone who has just completed your first large cross-stitch project, you want to make sure your masterpiece is delivered to the framer ready to go inside a custom frame. There are three steps which you must do before your cross-stitch is ready to hang on your wall.

3 Reasons Why Your Charity Should Use Promotional Plush Toys

If you're trying to increase your charity's donations, there are few promotional options better than the plush toy. Soft toys are a delight for all ages and genders, and even the toughest of people find it hard to resist their cute, cuddly look. A plush toy wholesaler will be able to find the right teddy for your institution, whether that's a dolphin plush for a marine foundation or a soft doll for a children's charity.